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The Ultimate Recruiting Solution

The Ultimate Recruiting Solution is a comprehensive recruiting program for attrcting quality agents to your office—agents who bring a positive energy, welcome growth and add value to your company.
In just 45 minutes per day you can transform your office with this simple, easy to follow, organic recruiting system.

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What would 5 new recruits mean for:

Your business? Your brand in the marketplace? Your office culture? Your bottom line?

How It Works

You'll watch 8 videos facilitated by Buffini & Company master trainer J'aime Nowak. During these sessions, you'll view 7 on-demand training videos where Brian Buffini will provide insights, strategies and best practices that will transform you into the Ultimate Recruiter.
In just 8 Weeks You'll Learn:
  • Why consistent recruiting is critical to building your business
  • The two types of recruiting that will change yoru office culture
  • How to provide value to your current agents & turn them into recruiting advocates
  • Dialogues for generating referrals to top producers and getting them to join your company
  • How to become an effective recruiter in just 45 minutes a day
  • And more!

Ultimate Recruiting Solution Kit

Includes everything you need to start recruiting experienced producers as well as new, highly motivated agents.

Online Resource Center

Watch, listen to and download how-to videos, marketing materials, meeting best practices, dialogues and more.

Mentor Certification

Become certified to offer the Peak Producers training program in your office—at no extra charge. Agents who've taken Peak Producers are averaging 12 transactions and $98,243 in just 12 weeks!

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Ultimate Recruiting Solution Kit

Training Workbook

Follow along with each session

3 Sets of Notecards

Build relationships with your agents and your recruit prospects

Oh, by the way®... Stickers

Ask for referrals!

The 45 Minute Plan

Follow these specific action steps to succeed


Online Resource Center

8 Powerful Video Sessions

3 Complete Office Meeting Plans

Recruiting Dialogues

Conversations that work with new agents & experienced producers

Recruiting Interview Role Plays

12 Weekly Top Tips

Great tips to share with agents

And Much More!