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Master Class is a Buffini & Company event designed to help real estate professionals become better business owners. Through carefully crafted sessions, attendees will be immersed in next-level business strategies and personal growth content delivered by industry legend Brian Buffini and powerhouse guest speakers. At the industry's top networking and training event, you'll get the opportunity to learn from the best, connect and exchange ideas and as a result – grow your business.

Learn. Connect. Grow.

Master Class Experiences

Why Should I Attend?

  • Learn from industry experts as they share strategies and tips for mastering your business, setting and reaching goals with intention, and building the life you have always dreamed of.

  • Absorb next-level training designed to provide you with the techniques and dialogues to generate more referrals, close more deals and make more money.

  • Dive into the proven best practices that Buffini & Company’s most successful clients swear by.

  • Get reinvigorated to master your craft as we take a closer look at the core ideas that make Working by Referral so profitable.

  • Network, connect and exchange ideas with some of the top professionals in real estate.

Event Agenda


Experience the rare opportunity to connect with other professionals and create relationships that can help build your business. Join us for networking as you exchange ideas, strategies and referrals with fellow attendees from all over.

  • Learn from the best
  • Connect with the best
  • Grow to be the best


Event check-in and registration opens at 7:30 AM, with doors opening at 8:00 AM.

  • 9:00 AM – 10:30 AM | Session 1

    Outperform the Recession – Brian Buffini

    Brian Buffini kicks off Master Class sharing how now is the time to outperform the recession. He’ll show you how to:

    • Help buyers navigate a high interest rate environment.
    • Help sellers manage the fear of missing out on the market highs.
    • Encourage your database to see investment real estate as a hedge against inflation.

    With insights on the economy and the market, you’ll learn the skills you need to make the most of this industry moment.

  • 11:00 AM – 12:00 PM | Session 2

    Do it N.O.W! – Brian Buffini

    Discover how to reduce the chaos, own the listings, build market share, and enjoy the good life. Learn how taking massive action now will impact your business for the good and be sure you don’t get left behind.

  • 1:30 PM – 2:30 PM | Session 3

    Play to Win – Bill Hampton

    Marketing guru, Bill Hampton delivers a powerful message on how you can win in 2023. He'll bring to life the lead-gen and promotional pillars of every built-to-last business. Bringing years of top-level performance to Master Class, he’ll show you how to play to win!

  • 3:00 PM – 4:00 PM | Session 4

    Sell, Serve and Communicate in a Changing Market

    Join Derek Jones as he leads a discussion with profiling and communication experts Rachael Yeaman and Kevin Buffini. Discover how to practically and tactically use your strengths to drive sales, stand out against the competition and meet the challenges of today’s market.

“When growth at any level is desired, this company provides a platform to achieve it.”

— Luisa Antonia Sipple | Springfield, Virginia

“Master Class goes even deeper into the Buffini content at a level that anyone can apply to their business.”

— Nikol Adamski | Mesa, AZ

“The networking opportunities with other agents across the state and country is wonderful, the content is relevant to the current market and skills needed and I always feel inspired at the end.”

— Nadine Radomski | Dallas, Texas

“Excellent opportunity for a crash course on what Buffini & Company has been teaching us all along. You get the ‘what to do’ and the ‘how to do it’ all in one event.”

— Ethan Brizzi | Roseville, CA

“Master class is very informative and helpful in keeping me current in the market and better equipped for the conversations that need to be had with my buyers and sellers.”

— Catherine Abiera-Lumbres | Colorado Springs, CO

“It's a great event that provides encouragement, inspiration and practical training for my business.”

— Dorothy Steel | Peyton, CO

“I always pick up at least one major item at every Buffini event; the networking opportunities are invaluable.”

— Arlene D. Shearn | Clermont, FL


Brian Buffini

Chairman and Founder, Buffini & Company
America's Largest Real Estate Training & Coaching Company

Brian Buffini built America’s largest business coaching company on the belief that things could be better, people could do better, and their lives could be better. And they were. Buffini & Company has helped millions of people.

He’s considered one of the world’s most engaging and impactful public speakers, and along the way, has interviewed people from all walks, Astronauts and All stars, to Oscar winners and Olympians.

Brian has been a New York Times best-selling author and has been inducted into the Real Estate Hall of Fame.

He’s driven by two things: the entrepreneurial spirit, and a profound need to help people get to their version of the good life.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

Derek Jones

Director of Community Relations, Buffini & Company

Derek Jones is the heart and soul of the Buffini & Company community. A master of all things energy and connection, you’ll find Derek on stage bringing the room to life at most Buffini events. His presence is palpable, as an emcee he’s shared the stage with the likes of Mel Robbins, Walter Bond, Sinbad as well as interviewed Olympian Apolo Ohno.

Derek joined Buffini & Company in 2007 and since that time has served in a variety of roles – working with the company’s Buffini Group Leaders, managing the company’s world-class events and growing the organization’s vast network of clients... all of which brought him face to face with thousands of clients and customers.

A Sociology major in college, he has always been fascinated by human interaction and connection, making him a perfect fit for his current role - Director of Community Relations.

He is responsible for helping the company’s Members connect with each other and strengthening the connection those Members have to Buffini & Company. Originally from Los Angeles, Derek currently resides in San Diego, California.

Rachael Yeaman

Corporate Coach and REALStrengths® Expert, Buffini & Company

Rachael Yeaman has spent the greater part of two decades analyzing how individual strengths influence human emotion, thought and behavior. As Buffini & Company’s In-House Corporate Coach, Rachael works with the leadership team to bring their collective REALStrengths in our corporate commitment and business strategy. She also leads the REALStrengths Team in innovation, product development and experience enhancement to ensure more individuals have access to what makes them uniquely great. Her passion lies in empowering others to engage their innate strengths to live a life of deeper meaning and purpose.

Since Rachael joined Buffini & Company in 2003, she holds a Bachelor’s in Psychology from Pepperdine University, and Master’s in Clinical Psychology from Azusa Pacific University. She strives to live every day with a grateful heart, joyful attitude, curious mind and intentional action.

Connect: Facebook | LinkedIn

Kevin Buffini

Profile & Communication Expert, Buffini & Company

For nearly two decades, Kevin Buffini has been a Profile and Communication Expert who has dedicated himself to mastering Buffini & Company's proprietary personality evaluation, the REALStrengths® Profile (formerly known as the Heritage Profile™). This full-self profile provides an analysis of one’s natural gifts and abilities and gives in-depth insight into how a person naturally moves through the world and interacts with people, environments and situations.

Kevin’s expertise informed the development of Buffini & Company's second personality evaluation tool, REALStrengths® Profile which extracts the communication, selling and serving strengths of individuals and teams in a business environment. Kevin has personally analyzed and delivered over 25,000 profiles and trained hundreds of Buffini & Company Coaches on how to use these powerful tools to impact and improve the businesses and lives of their clients.

Today, he trains, consults and lectures about profiling and is considered the world's foremost authority on profiling individuals in the real estate industry. Born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, Kevin now resides in Southern California.

Connect: Facebook | Twitter

Colette Carlson

Human Behavior Expert and Hall of Fame Keynote Speaker

Master Class Anaheim

Colette teaches audiences how to transform relationships through the power of connected conversations. Her keynote programs are so personalized, attendees often assume Colette is one of them. She has the outstanding ability to connect through engaging content and laugh-out-loud humor.

With a Master’s Degree in Human Behavior, and more than 20 years of experience helping individuals change behaviors that impact their success, Colette understands the psychology, mindset, and skills required to make positive, long-lasting change.

Colette is a Certified Speaking Professional (CSP), a designation held by fewer than 10% of the members belonging to the International Federation for Professional Speakers. In 2017, Colette was inducted into the CPAE Speaker Hall Fame®, a lifetime award that honors professional speakers who have reached the top echelon of platform excellence. Trusted clients include Boeing, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Federal Express, Fidelity, Domino’s Pizza, Great Clips, and the United States Government.


Bob Beaudine

President and CEO, Eastman & Beaudine

Master Class Dallas

Bob Beaudine is president and CEO of Eastman & Beaudine, one of the top executive search firms in the nation working with Fortune 500 companies, entertainment entities, sports organizations, Olympic bodies, universities, non-profits and more. Named by Sports Illustrated as the “Most Influential Man in Sports You’ve Never Heard of,” Bob has staffed leadership at major organizations like the NBA, MLB, NFL, NHL and the U.S. Olympics, as well as university departments and non-profits. He is a bestselling author known for his books “The Power of WHO!” and “2 Chairs” focusing on goal-getting and spirituality. He has spoken at conferences around the world, and has appeared on The Today Show, Fox Business Network, Canada’s Business News Network and other programs. Bob and his wife, Cheryl, have been married over three decades and have three grown daughters and three grandchildren.


Kevin Brown

Branding and Culture Expert, Author of Unleashing Your Hero

Master Class Richmond

Kevin Brown’s unconventional path to business and personal success has taught him that winning in business and in life requires anything but conventional thinking. With a streetwise aptitude and a never quit attitude, he worked his way from the front lines in business to the executive boardroom. For two decades, Kevin was a sales and marketing executive that helped grow a little-known family business into an industry giant with annual revenues reaching two billion dollars. After a career in franchising, Kevin decided to retire from corporate America and pursue his passion for bringing The HERO Effect® message to as many people and organizations as possible. Kevin is on a mission to help people and organizations embrace a simple philosophy that separates world-class organizations and high-performance people from everybody else. He is passionate about helping people expand their vision, develop their potential, and grow their results.


Bill Hampton

Business Leader, Growth Expert, Speaker

Bill Hampton’s passion for a good story led him to an early career as a music promoter and eventually Vice President of Premiere Speakers Bureau where he promoted the who’s who of the speaking business. Bill called a local radio station one day and talked to the host of the show; Dave Ramsey. Next thing you know, bill is the Executive VP and CMO. Over the next 13 years, he helped the Dave Ramsey Show become one of the nation's largest syndicated talk radio shows heard on more than 500 stations.

Now as Senior Executive VP of Spartan Capital Group, Bill provides tailor-made executive search & consulting solutions for companies throughout North America.

He’s a graduate of Liberty University with a degree in public speaking and government. And today spends his time with his wife Amanda and their 5 children.

Connect: Website | Instagram


Neil Pasricha

Leadership and Happiness Expert

Master Class Toronto

After graduating from Harvard Business School, Neil Pasricha spent a decade as Director of Leadership at Walmart, the world’s largest company. While there he wrote the 50-million-hit, award-winning blog 1000 Awesome Things and the New York Times bestsellers The Book of Awesome and The Happiness Equation which have been on international bestseller lists for over 200 weeks and sold over a million copies.

Neil’s research and books on happiness, mindset, and human potential have received attention from Harvard Business Review, The New Yorker, The Sunday Times,CNN, and BBC.

Connect: Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | Linkedin

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