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Developed by industry legend Brian Buffini, The Pathway to Mastery®—Advanced lays out the path to accelerate your agents' business. Packed with eight powerful video modules developed by Brian, this next-level training course for real estate agents will show them how to handle the top 5 buyer and top 5 seller objections like a pro, create a powerful pricing presentation and present the buying and selling process from start to finish. Increase your agents' skill level and professionalism so they close more deals and produce more income! Get certified today to get your team on the pathway to mastery!
  BONUS   included with purchase! Agents can go on a listing appointment with Brian Buffini to learn the secret of getting every listing!

"Join me on The Pathway to Mastery and build a business that’s not just profitable, but generational."
— Brian Buffini

Why Should You Facilitate This Course?

  • Increase Your Agents' Skill Level, Professionalism and Income

  • Synergize With Your Office to Create a Knowledge Pool

  • Maximize Your Time as a Leader

  • Build Momentum in Your Office

  • Turn Your Agents Into Top-Producing Agents

  • Expand Your Library of Trainings Offered for Agents

The Pathway to Mastery—Advanced

The Pathway to Mastery—Advanced
Module Descriptions

What’s Included

Advanced Course Mentor/Facilitator Kit

Includes all the resources you need to turn your agents into top producers!

Robust Online Resource Center

Designed with the busy, production-based broker in mind, so you can focus on leading, motivating and supporting your agents while they build a solid production-based business.

Complimentary Access to Referral Maker® CRM

Provided to both you and your students, Referral Maker CRM allows you to integrate and automate your student and client recruitment and retention activities.

Dedicated Training Team

Shortly after you purchase your certification course materials and complete viewing the certification videos, you will be contacted by a Buffini & Company Training Consultant. They will be your dedicated resource to assist you in setting up, promoting and holding successful classes.

Questions? Give them a call now at 1-800-945-3485 x2

Preview the Student Kit

Includes professionally-designed marketing materials, notecards and other useful resources that get results.

How to Facilitate Advanced


In this class format, you as the Mentor/Facilitator, have complete control of the video content. You’ll meet once a week, either in-person or virtually, with your students to watch the video training modules as a class and conclude the meeting by practicing role plays and dialogues and discussing strategies in a synergy session. Each module concludes with a quiz so you can be sure they are retaining the information.

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NEW! Student Video Preview

With the busy broker/owner/manager in mind, we are now offering a new class format. Each week, you will assign your students the video training module to watch before your weekly synergy session. This allows them to come to class prepared to synergize and practice role plays and dialogues! With a quiz at the end of each module, you can be sure they are retaining the information!

Get Certified

Get Buffini Certified

As a Buffini Certified Mentor or Facilitator, you will take your team to the next level.
Buffini Certified Mentor: Brokers, Owners and Managers facilitate this course in your office and leverage your time, energy and impact as a leader while you increase the bottom line of your agents and your office.
Buffini Certified Facilitator: Mortgage, Title, Escrow, Warranty or other real estate ancillary service providers help meet the needs of today's brokers and agents by facilitating the industry's newest and most innovative training program.
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