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Generate a Predictable Stream of Referred Leads

Wondering where next month's business will come from? Most real estate agents end up relying on passive methods to find business or rely on word-of mouth for accidental leads to come their way.

The solution is having a system for lead generation! Referral Maker PRO uses Brian Buffini's proven lead generation formula to help you systematically generate more predictable leads.

Produce a Consistent, High Income

Are you tired of peaks and valleys in your income? Wish you could earn steady commission checks each month? You can!

Our system does the math for you. You decide how much money you want to earn and Referral Maker CRM (included with Membership) tells you which activities you need to do each day to reach that goal. We'll show you how to target your marketing for maximum results – the first element of a powerful marketing strategy!

Get Organized Once and for All

Ever had a day where you feel like you didn't accomplish anything? It's no secret, the real estate business can be chaotic making it tough to stay on top of everything… especially lead generation.

Referral Maker PRO includes its' own customer relationship management that has built-in technology to help you stay on track. You'll get daily reminders to keep your lead generation consistent while making time for the important moments in your life.

Work with People You Enjoy

Tired of having to work with challenging clients because you have no choice? The Referral Maker PRO system shows you how to generate leads and build relationships with you know and like.

You'll learn how to spend your time pouring yourself into people who are already your biggest advocates. Identifying and serving these advocates at a deep level will turn into a full pipeline you can count on.

What happens when you give to a giver? They give back.

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