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Team Coaching Sessions

Team Coaching

Teams are the fastest growing segment in real estate. Learn how to lead your team with the structure, accountability, strategies, and tools needed to take your production and income to the next level. Buffini & Company Certified Team Coaches will work with the Team Leader twice a month and the entire Team monthly. Members are supported with a Team Coaching training course, monthly live web events, an award-winning monthly marketing kit and more.
One on One Coaching Sessions

One2One Coaching

With a Buffini & Company Certified Coach, you'll have someone to create a customized action plan for your success! They will continuously offer outside perspective on your progress as well as help identify your strengths and weaknesses. But most of all, they will keep you motivated while holding you accountable making sure you Live the Good Life!
Group Coaching

Group Coaching

Get the powerful combination of Coaching, accountability and synergy with like-minded professionals in an online group setting. Connect and collaborate with peers using proven strategies and tactics to take your business to a higher level.