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Peak Producers

Peak Producers®

Develop the habits, attitude & skills of a Peak Producer in this 12 week training program featuring Brian Buffini. You'll learn how to:

  • Generate leads & close more transactions
  • Overcome peaks & valleys in your income
  • Identify the 7 types of negotiators and how to win
  • Get every buyer off the fence
  • Navigate price reductions like a pro

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Expected Results in Just 12 Weeks


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Become a Certified Mentor

Certified MentorMaximize agent productivity and boost your office's profitability by becoming a Certified Mentor. Take the Certification Course and learn to facilitate the most comprehensive training in the industry, Peak Producers.

  • Increase your profitability by improving agent productivity
  • Leverage your impact & reduce the time demands your agents place on you
  • Offer a program that gets results and is attractive to both current agents and prospective recruits
  • Foster a winning office culture and deepen relationships with your agents
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