Learn how to create, maintain and lead effective teams.

Leadership skills are more vital than ever—we'll help you improve yours FAST!

Today's market demands you focus on your leadership skills; it's critical you know how to create, maintain and lead effective teams.

Your Certified Business Coach will help you make an immediate difference in your ability to lead! Call 1-800-945-3485 x 4 to get started right away.

Your Certified Business Coach will help you develop the leadership techniques you need to reach your goals and help your agents and mortgage originators reach theirs. You'll learn how to:

  • Lead more effectively in any market
  • Recruit and retain a high-performance team
  • Turn your agents into top producers
  • Deal effectively with the unique challenges you face as a leader in the real estate or lending industry

Your Team Leader Coaching Membership includes:

 FREE unlimited attendance to Brian Buffini's Success Tour™ events.

 WELCOME CALL: Within days of joining, you'll be called by one of our Client Care professionals to help get you started and let you know what to expect. We'll ask you the best times and ways to reach you, discuss any immediate hurdles or concerns you're facing, ask what you're looking for in a Coach, and walk you through online resources and other benefits. We'll also schedule your Heritage Profile™ interview.

 BUSINESS COACHING CALLS: Twice a month your Coach will call you at a pre-scheduled time to review your goals, go over the numbers, discuss leadership challenges, opportunities, and more. Your Coach will help you keep track of your activities and results in your Referral Maker so you can chart your progress – and celebrate successes!

 ULTIMATE TALENT SCOUT: This is your "secret weapon" in ensuring you're hiring right every time! This tool measures a candidate's potential across 10 proven Dimensions of Success™, validated by Buffini & Company clients. It's a fast, easy way for you to learn what natural strengths and weaknesses an agent has – and to help determine which candidates are the best ones to hire.

 STARTER KIT & MONTHLY MARKETING KIT: Everything you need to kick-start your lead generation activities into high gear! You'll receive: 100 Marketing Flyers, 50 Personal Notes, 100 "Oh, By The Way"® Stickers, Business Management Website, and Daily Activity Tracker.

Then, once a month you'll receive: 100 Marketing Flyers, 50 Personal Notes, 100 "Oh, By The Way"® Stickers and Brian's Monthly Training Webcast.

 REFERRAL MAKER™ CRM: The easy-to-use customer relationship manager designed for Working by Referral.

 REFERRAL DIRECTORY: Take advantage of your Membership in this exclusive club of like-minded professionals who are REFERRERS! The Referral Directory is where you can network and exchange leads with other Members nationwide! Your profile on the Referral Directory lets other Members know where you are located, your areas of specialty, and any other key information that will help them refer business your way.

 HERITAGE PROFILE™ Interview, Report and Feedback. When you become a new Member, we'll schedule you for a telephone interview for this powerful communication tool that captures your dominant gifts, traits and abilities. Then your Coach will reveal how this information can help you run your business more productively and enjoy more effective interactions with others. Plus, this tool will help your Coach tailor their Coaching style specifically to give you the most effective, personalized experience possible.

 MONTHLY TRAINING WEBCAST CD: Listen to Brian's Monthly Training Webcasts online for instant access to inspiration. In addition, you'll receive the Training Webcast on CD inside each monthly Marketing Kit. Share the CDs with colleagues, your business network associates, friends, and family.

 "B.I.T. O' BRIAN" VIDEO CLIPS: Every week, you can view a new "Business Inspiration Tip" from Brian. It's a great way to get inspired, focused, and motivated!

Buffini & Company Magazine

 Buffini & Company MAGAZINE (Biannually): Available both online and in print, this magazine is packed full of industry statistics and cutting-edge strategies — from Brian Buffini, Joe Niego, and many others — that will help you increase production and capture market share — all while living a balanced life.

 COACHING MANUAL & CD LIBRARY: You'll have access right at your fingertips to everything you need: powerful dialogues, important business building tools, Brian's advice and more.

 BUSINESS ANALYSIS REVIEW: This in-depth assessment collects valuable information about your business, including the number of agents or lenders in your office, annual revenue and business expenses, your database, the lead generation activities of your office, your business goals, etc. Your Coach will analyze and use this information to help set annual goals, structure your action plan and determine what you need to do first for the most impact.

 RAPID RESPONSE: Now, it's easy to respond quickly to new leads, especially Internet ones. "Warm them up" by sending them something valuable before you call. We provide you with an introductory email message (including subject line and brief text) and an Item of Value specifically for a buyer or a seller.


  • Monthly Training Webcasts. Listen to Brian's Training Webcasts anytime.
  • Marketing Flyers, Letters and Forms - available for easy download.
  • Buffini & Company Magazine
  • Rapid Response Introductory Email Message with a Marketing Flyer

Who's it for?

  • BROKERS: Real Estate, Lending, or other professional services business
  • OWNERS: Real Estate, Lending, or other professional services business
  • MANAGERS – of an office or Team
Simon Hunt
My business has exploded since working with a Coach! The quality of the clients we work with thru doing business this way is night and day from what we were faced with before. This is a wonderful way to do business and those who do not implement a referral system will be left behind on the road to success.
Simon Hunt | RE/MAX South
Calgary, Alberta, Canada
There's no use in trying to reinvent the wheel. I have already tried that, but this is proven and it works. The referrals that come from Coaching alone pay for Coaching: make the investment!!
Donna Forrest Johnston | RE/MAX Executive Realty
Charlotte, NC
Donna Forrest Johnston
Ruby Darr
Team leader coaching has impacted my business significantly! In the last year, we have increased our transactions by 17%, our sales volume went from 6M to 8M and our gross commissions are up from 218K to 244K! The systems have enabled us to accurately track our team productivity and it has made all the difference. Working by referral exposes you to a whole other realm of sellers and buyers and is more successful than doing it the old way. Having a team allows you to focus and gives you the opportunity to offer services that are cutting edge.
Ruby Darr | RE/MAX Patriots
York, PA