Success Stories

Stacie Hennig Davis

Agent – Long & Foster Real Estate, Inc.

Reston, VA

Member since 2012

"I increased my income over 300% and my confidence is at an all-time high."

Stacie Hennig Davis spent many sleepless nights wondering where her next deal was going to come from and if she made the right choice getting into real estate. She had been in the business for years and even in and out of Membership with Buffini & Company several times before she decided to commit to One2One Coaching in 2012. What she loved about the system is it empowered her to take control of her business and set boundaries with clients. She no longer felt at the mercy of every lead and learned how to generate quality referrals from people she actually enjoyed working with.

After three years in Coaching, Stacie has transformed her business and life. Not only has she raised her number of transactions, average sales price and net income, she's boosted her confidence and level of contentment. She uses Referral Maker CRM to manage her busy schedule which includes date night every Saturday and Sundays off for long runs with a group she trains with.

Stacie's Results:

2016 Closed 26 transactions with a sales volume of over $14 million
2012 Closed 11 transactions, gross incomewas $95,000 & average sales price was $409,000