• Mike Strouf

  • Realtor – The Genesis Team
  • Santa Clara, CA
  • Member since 2008

"Having the foundation of the Buffini systems and my bi-weekly Coaching calls allowed me to not only believe in the beginning that this was the right program for me, but this is exactly what I needed to do."

Mike Strouf owned his real estate office for about four years, had 10 employees and his business was doing great. Then, in 2008 the recession hit and everything came to a standstill.

Mike put a little over $200,000 on his credit cards to support himself and his family. There was no money coming in, and he was eventually evicted from his office. "To this day, even the thought of getting evicted from my office gives me a sick feeling in my stomach." With the help of his assistant, Mike moved his entire office into his garage.

During this tough time, Mike received a phone call from his friend, Gino Blefari, who invited him to attend a Buffini & Company event. When Mike listened to Brian speak for the first time, the message rang true to him."It was something I knew I needed. I was sitting here listening to a man explain exactly how I believe, and he has a system for it! I knew in my heart it was the direction I wanted to go to move forward in my life."

Fast forward five years; Mike has moved out of his garage and has opened a new office. In 2014, Mike closed 44 sides for a sales volume of $41M.

To see the full story, take a look at the video.

Mike's Results:

Begins his Real Estate career.
Recession runs up $200,000 in debt, loses office. Attends a Buffini & Company event.
Opens new office.
Closed 44 transactions with a sales volume of $41M and is debt-free!

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