Success Stories

Kena Brashear


Bellingham, WA

Member since 2012

"During my hardest year ever, I did $18 million in total closed business."

Mother of five, Kena Brashear works by referral and uses Brian Buffini�s system to manage her life. She says, �I haven�t missed any of my kids� basketball games, football games, parent-teacher conferences� Anything that�s going on, I�m there.�

But the road hasn�t been without adversity. Not long after going through a divorce, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. Instead of taking a break from the business, or quitting One2One Coaching, she leaned in.

�My coach was my lifeline,� she says. �If you can go through cancer and bilateral mastectomy and six months of chemo and still have your best year ever, there�s something to be said about that.�

Watch Kena�s incredible story � but fair warning, keep the tissue box handy. Learn more about Buffini & Company's coaching and training here.

Kena Brashear's Results:

2017 Kena did $18 million in total closed business.