• Gloria Yu

  • Agent – RE/MAX Hallmark Realty
  • Toronto, ON
  • Member since 2008

"I now have a meaningful and fulfilled life that money cannot buy."

Gloria Yu had always been successful in real estate; unfortunately it took a toll on her personal life. She was putting in over 80-100 hours a week, taking no vacations, not even holidays. She had no connections to other agents, no structure and no system in place.

After being hospitalized several a few times due to exhaustion, she realized she needed to make some changes. Watch the video and find out how she transformed her business and life...

Gloria’s Results:

In 2008 Gloria closed 30 deals for $11.9M in sales.
In 2014 she closed 49 deals for $29.6M—she now takes time for dinner with the family, vacations and hobbies like swimming and dance.

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