An in-depth personality assessment tool that identifies your core motivations.

Heritage Profile

The Heritage Profile identifies:

  • Your natural selling style
  • The way you learn and process information
  • How you naturally communicate
  • How much “people time” and/or “alone time” you need
  • How you experience time itself
  • Which part of a task you are most enthusiastic about
  • Your natural pace through tasks
  • How you plan for your future

Understand your abilities and leverage your strengths

The Heritage Profile will help you achieve your fullest potential. The insights provided work as a catalyst to break through business and communication roadblocks.

Included with One2One Coaching

Any other Membership Level: $295
Certified Mentor: $295
Family Member or Direct Business Associate of Member: $295
Non-Member: $395
Heritage Profile

Heritage Profile Sample (Brian Buffini)