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Buffini & Company is proud to celebrate 25 years of supporting you with business solutions and training courses that enable you to be the trusted advisor to your clients, family and friends! We have several special offers this month that can help you to stay organized, master your skills and stay on course to meet your business and personal goals!
Now is the time to focus on mastering your skills and being a reliable resource for your clients. With that said, we would like to offer you the following special offers throughout the month of August:
Stand Out to Your Clients — Save 50%!

Are you looking for a proven way to stand out and amplify your marketing efforts so that you are top-of-mind when a client is ready to buy or sell? Buffini & Company has you covered with Referral Maker® PRO!

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  • No activation fees (reg. $195).
  • Nothing due in September. 
  • 50% off your October dues (reg. $129).

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May 2021 Referral Maker CRM Sale
Own Your Future

When you have an organized approach to generate leads and manage your database, it’s simple to hit your financial goals. Need a reliable system? Invest in Referral Maker® CRM to get and stay on track.

Unleash you productivity with this special offer*:

  • Pay $20/month (reg. $49).
  • No annual contract.
  • Nothing due in October!
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*This offer is for new Members only.
Business Consultation

Many businesses may have missed the mark last year as it was unpredictable year to say the least! If you got sidetracked while trying to navigate the “new normal,” you are not alone! Get back on track with a complimentary business consultation. During this 30-minute call, you can share your current challenges and gain guidance from a Business Consultant on how to overcome them.

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