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Buffini & Company is proud to celebrate 25 years of supporting you with business solutions and training courses that enable you to be the trusted advisor to your clients, family and friends! We have several special offers this month that can help you to stay organized, master your skills and stay on course to meet your business and personal goals!
Now is the time to focus on mastering your skills and being a reliable resource for your clients. With that said, we would like to offer you the following special offers throughout the month of August:
Focus your marketing on people who love to refer you.

It’s no secret that to close more sales, you need high-quality leads. Get organized and create your brand with Referral Maker® PRO.

  • Pay nothing in June.
  • No activation fees (save $195).  
  • Save 50% off your July dues. 

Our proven system builds a referral – based business that works! Especially when you consider that 75% of buyers would use their agent again or recommend their agent to others. SOURCE: National Association of REALTORS®

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*This offer is for new Members. If you are a current Referral Maker® CRM Member, upgrade and pay no additional dues this month.
Close more sales today and tomorrow.

When you are busy closing sales, it is easy to forget about developing the relationships that will be tomorrow’s sales. That’s why organizing your leads and contacts in a reliable database is important.

Buy online with this special offer:

  • $25 / month* (reg. $49).
  • No activation fees and no annual contract.
  • Get April for free!  (a $49 value).

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*This offer is for new Members only.
Want more sales? Let’s do it.

The best way to close more sales is to set clear goals and to have strategies to reach them. Get a coach to make a step-by-step plan for you and hold you accountable.

Join Buffini & Company  One2One Coaching™ Membership*.

  • Join for only $99.
  • Save 50% in June ($275 value).
  • Waived activation fee ($395).

A coach will help you set your business and financial goals, will work with you on action steps and keep you accountable along the way.

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*This offer is for new Members only and is not redeemable online. Current Members may upgrade and pay no additional dues during the month of May. Please Live Chat or call in to get this special pricing. Shipping, tax and any add-ons (Personalization, Client Direct, extras) will be billed in your 1st month of One2One Coaching.
Business Consultation

Many businesses may have missed the mark last year as it was unpredictable year to say the least! If you got sidetracked while trying to navigate the “new normal,” you are not alone! Get back on track with a complimentary business consultation. During this 30-minute call, you can share your current challenges and gain guidance from a Business Consultant on how to overcome them.

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