Increase the quality and quantity of your recruits

Recruiting Boot Camp™ is a step-by-step recruiting training program developed by industry experts Brian Buffini & Rick DeLuca.

Recruiting Boot Camp

You'll get the tools and training you need to recruit experienced producers and find new, dedicated agents.

Invest just an hour per day and you'll learn the optimal recruiting structure and increase the quantity and quality of your recruits.

Recruiting Boot Camp is a 90-day action plan that will help you build the ultimate office

This program is easy to follow and provides everything you need to recruit top class agents and exceed your recruiting goals:

  • Create a viable database of high-quality recruits
  • Implement the "complete interview process"
  • Turn existing agents into recruiting advocates
  • Become an effective and successful recruiter

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Recruiting Boot Camp is everything you need to recruit and grow your team. Here is what you'll receive:

Comprehensive training with Brian Buffini & Rick DeLuca

Comprehensive training with Brian Buffini & Rick DeLuca

You'll watch 7 powerful video modules featuring Brian Buffini and Rick DeLuca. They'll present cutting-edge content on recruiting and retention in today's market.

Recruiting Group Coaching

Recruiting Group Coaching

Accountability is the key to high performance. Twice per month, you'll get the guidance and expertise of a Buffini & Company Certified Business Coach. Plus, you'll synergize with fellow brokers, owners and managers to learn and share best recruiting practices.

Recruiting Boot Camp Kit–3–month supply

The Recruiting Boot Camp Kit helps you save time while you recruit productive agents, retain great agents and create a desirable, winning office culture.

  • Create a system for working by referral with your agents
  • Build strong relationships with your agents
  • Get a blueprint for consistent, productive office meetings

Recruiting dialogues

Recruiting dialogues

Specific dialogues that help you get the most out of the interview process — sift through "typical interview answers" and get what you really need to know. Interview new and experienced agents and overcome any of their objectives.

Workbook with detailed resources

Workbook with detailed resources

A handy reference guide throughout your training — full of phenomenal ideas on building a great team and attracting talent to that team.

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Sign up today by calling 1-800-945-3485 x 4

Jimmy Dulin
Broker/Owner | Indianapolis, Indiana

Linda O'Koniewski
Broker/Owner | Melrose, Massachusetts

Paul Caldwell
After all those years of stop and go attempts at recruiting I had lost some steam. After following this system the first 45 minutes of every day, it's now what I enjoy doing all day and I'm excited with the results — 5 recruits in 7 weeks and re-connected with my whole team!
Paul Caldwell | Broker/Owner
Greenwood, IN
9 Recruits so far — this program is just so good! We inherently know what to do — this system just makes you do it. That, combined with the support of your Buffini Coach, makes it incredibly easy.
Kelly Wood | Broker/Owner
Avon, IN
Kelly Wood
Ilene Winegard
I wouldn't be where I am today if I hadn't been through Recruiting Boot Camp. I've learned how to break down the hiring process and sort through agents along the way to find the right fit.
Ilene Winegard | Broker
East Providence, RI
Mike ZuccatoRecruiting Boot Camp will provide those without a recruiting program a step by step routine that consistently provides opportunities to recruit, and for those already with a consistent plan in place, it provides new tools and ideas to enhance your existing system, resulting in more recruiting opportunities with experienced agents. In addition to the system, the accountability facet of the program was very important, enabling me to share my successes and failures with a Coach who provided encouragement and suggestions, allowing me to tweak and refine the program to suit my needs. By the end of the Recruiting Boot Camp I had added 12 agents to my company and opened discussions with several Brokerages who were considering to sell!!
Mike Zuccato | Broker
Brampton, ON
Hank Stoudt
Recruiting Boot Camp was instrumental in getting our recruiting efforts back on track. After 22 years you start to think you've heard it all, but the material was fresh. I also liked the fact that there was an equal amount of focus on retention, which is important to a successful office but retention is also key to success in recruiting.
Hank Stoudt | Broker
Nashua, NH
Recruiting Boot Camp is designed in such a way, that it is extremely easy to follow as the steps are laid out for you every day. My Coach was Tony Love and he exceeded my expectations and helped me step out of my comfort zone.
Michele Branigan | Broker
Newmarket, ON
Michele Branigan
This is a very good program! It keeps you focused, accountable, and involved in the recruiting process on a daily basis.
Joe Mayo III | Broker
Beach Haven, NH
Rick DeLuca and Brian Buffini are the best in the business. They shared innovative ideas on re-recruiting your own agents as well as recruiting new ones. This is a solid activity based program, — not necessarily "sexy"– but highly effective nonetheless. We're half-way through the 90 days and have recruited 7 agents along the way. I highly recommend it!
Mark Pauli | Manager
Barrie, ON
Six additional agents and a positive new office environment! I've always looked after the systems part of the business, but now I enjoy developing relationships with our team. At the midpoint of the program we've added 6 agents and a whole new positive environment in the office.
Pat Von Mosch | Co-Owner/Broker
Anoka, MN
No more hit & miss recruiting — this creative system really works. This program provides some great creative ways of recruiting. It used to be hit and miss for me but now, about halfway through the program, this organized system has enabled me to recruit 7 agents in 7 weeks.
Mehrdad Tabatabai | Sales Associate
Mississauga, ON
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