Discover how to run your business at an elite level. Join Brian Buffini for this 3-day conference!

The Peak Experience will expose you to cutting–edge content proven to help you function at an elite level – all while providing an ideal environment in which you can synergize with the best-of-the-best this industry has to offer.

During three full days of world-class content, you'll:

    Brian Buffini
  • Learn How to Build an Elite Business
    Brian shares all the strategies you need to reach new levels of profitability in your business.
  • Be Equipped to Present Like a Pro
    For the first time ever Brian reveals the secrets, structure and format he follows to impact an audience; find out how to reach every person in the room, or the one sitting across from you at a listing.
  • Take away Lessons from the Legends
    Take part in an interactive panel discussion featuring small, medium and large practitioners that successfully work the Referral Systems. Real-world questions will make this a dynamic session.
  • Gain Insight on Your Own Narrative
    Learn how to analyze internal commentary and leverage your past history into future success.
  • Get a Customized Business Workout with Brian and Joe
    In a small group setting, Brian and Joe will help you break down barriers in your business and create winning solutions.
  • Build Financial Fitness
    Whip your finances into shape and create long-term

You'll also receive a customized manual to plan your most profitable year yet, and synergize in an intimate setting with other industry leaders.

The Peak Experience

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This year's Peak Experience promises to be unlike any you've been to before, and will equip you with business savvy strategies that will take you to the top. Don't miss out — seats are limited to 200 business professionals and are assigned in order of registration, so register today!

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Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini
CEO & Founder, Buffini & Company

Brian Buffini was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland. A life-long entrepreneur who has owned many businesses from real estate to retail, he immigrated to America in 1986 and, through trial and error, developed a methodology for generating a consistent stream of high-quality repeat customers.

In 1995, he founded Buffini & Company to share his Working by Referral system with others. Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, Buffini & Company is now recognized as the nation's leading small-business coaching and training company. Bringing years of small-business success and experience to the table, Buffini has provided expert training to more than 2 million people in 37 countries.

Quick Facts

  • Brian Buffini has trained almost 2 million people at Buffini & Company's Turning Point™ events.
  • Over 49,000 real estate agents have taken the Buffini & Company flagship training program, 100 Days to Greatness®. They average 5.6 transactions during their 100 days.
  • Buffini & Company Members earn 6 times the National Association of Realtors average agent income.
  • Entrepreneurs in more than 37 countries have learned how to improve their business, increase net profit and enhance the quality of their life by using the Buffini & Company system.

The Peak Experience 2012 – Agenda

Day 1

  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4
  • How to Build an Elite Business – Part I
  • How to Build an Elite Business – Part II
  • Lessons from the Legends
  • Understanding Your Own Narrative

Day 2

  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4
  • Present like a Pro to an Audience
  • Present like a Pro to an Individual
  • Visioneering Your Business & Life
  • Free Time

Day 3

  • Section 1
  • Section 2
  • Section 3
  • Section 4
  • Business Workouts with Brian & Joe – Part I
  • Business Workouts with Brian & Joe – Part II
  • Financial Fitness in 2012
  • Capturing the Moment
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  • Download Enrollment Form
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  • May 9–11, 2012
    San Diego Marriott
    Marquis & Marina
  • $2,500USD
    per person
  • Optional payment plan of $1,250 down + $1,250 billed April 15th
  • *You are responsible for breakfast each day and dinners on
    May 9 & 11
  • Designated Accommodations

    Our Designated Resort

    We're offering a significantly reduced price for The Peak Experience and in order to do this we ask that you stay at our designated hotel — the San Diego Marriott Marquis & Marina. To learn more about this beautiful waterfront resort, click here.

What Others Say:

  • "Here's to the most extraordinary group I've ever had the privilege of hanging out with; this year's Peak Performers truly was the best event Brian's ever put on."
  • "What an amazing three days! I now have an exciting five-year vision plan and am looking forward to making the changes that will get me to my GOALS!"