Maximize your opportunities for success!

Your Buffini & Company One2One Coaching™ Membership includes your own personal Heritage Profile™. This powerful communication tool captures your dominant gifts and abilities, and provides your Coach with the information necessary to tailor their coaching specifically to you.

Your Heritage Profile will also help you understand your communication style and how to interact with others more effectively.

How it works

When you join One2One Coaching, a highly trained Heritage Interviewer conducts a structured telephone interview. The interview process reveals how you:

  • Communicate with others
  • Want others to communicate with you
  • Can leverage your abilities to achieve your fullest potential

What you'll receive

  • A frame-able "Portrait Page" summary of your Profile
  • Definitions of each attribute
  • Information on how each attribute can help and/or hinder you
  • Action steps to help you get the most out of each unique ability
  • A frame-able "Truth Statements" page that reveals how you are encouraged
Jenna Hanecak
Loved the breakdown of the Heritage Profile. It provided a real personal understanding of self.
Jenna Hanecak | David Lyng Real Estate
Capitola, CA
Having the Heritage Profile out there we both understand what our strengths and weaknesses are. This allows us to address them and 'attack' them, if you will, so we can use them in the best possible way. That's been a very big help to both of us – once you understand who you are, you know how to handle yourself.
Brad & Susan Mohr | Sotheby's Realty
Pasadena, CA
Brad and Susan Mohr
Jennifur Newhouse
The Heritage Profile section presented by Kevin Buffini and Brian Buffini was outstanding. Kevin Buffini broke down the main abilities into terms you can understand and then went into detail on how to get more out of those abilities. Not only is it important to understand what you naturally excel at, but you also need to know that every strength can become a weakness if left unmanaged. Coaching that includes working on your Heritage Profile will take you to a higher level of success almost immediately!
Jennifur Newhouse | The Newhouse Team
Boise, ID

Pragmatic vs. Aesthetic by Kevin Buffini & Brian Buffini

Pragmatic vs. Aesthetic

Time 2:53 min.

Motivator vs. Facilitator by Kevin Buffini & Brian Buffini

Motivator vs. Facilitator

Time 5:40 min.

Trusted Advisor by Kevin Buffini & Brian Buffini

Trusted Advisor

Time 4:30 min.

call 1-800-945-3485 x1

Heritage Profile Investment

One2One Members - Included with Membership

Other Members: $295

Certified Mentor: $295

Family Member or Direct
Business Associate
of Member: $295

Non-Member: $395

Did you know?

Buffini & Company One2One™ Coaching Members earn EIGHT times the NAR average agent income.