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Change Your Business. Change Your Life!

May 8-10, 2019 or May 15-17, 2019

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Reach New Levels of Success in 2019

At The Peak Experience, you'll go on an incredible journey of personal and professional growth. You can expect:
  • A truly customized event

  • An intimate setting with limited seating

  • 10 content-packed sessions over 3 days

  • Proven tools and tactics to create lasting change

  • The most sought after business consultants and speakers

  • Daily synergy lunches with like-minded professionals

  • A powerful community of the industry's top earners

  • A Welcome Mixer and Celebration Reception

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Featured Speakers

Brian Buffini

Buffini & Company Chairman and Founder

Kevin Buffini

Communication & Profiling Expert

Joe Niego

America's Best Listing Agent

Mel Robbins
– Guest Speaker

Entrepreneur & Best-Selling Author

Andy Andrews
– Guest Speaker

Business Consultant &
Best-Selling Author

Is This Event Right For You?

The Peak Experience is designed to inspire high achievers to reach even greater levels of success. Attendees are:

Committed to working by referral– delivering a consistent level of contact and care for your clients, generating repeat business and referrals.

A beacon of positivity– you stay focused on the good in an otherwise difficult situation.

Dedicated to service– whether in the community or within the community of clients you work with.

A leader by example– a model to your peers and clients.

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Day Before Event

6:00 PM Welcome Mixer

Day 1

8:00 AM Check-In Begins
9:00 AM Session 1: CEO Your Life - Part 1 with Brian Buffini

What it truly means to be the CEO of your business and life

10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Session 2: CEO Your Life - Part 2 with Brian Buffini

Plan, organize, and make decisions that help your business and life prosper

12:00 PM Synergy Group Lunch
2:00 PM Session 3: Managing Oneself with Kevin Buffini

Manage yourself so you can thrive in your relationships and lead others

3:30 PM Break
4:00 PM Session 4: The Power of Moments with Joe Niego

Learn how to be the author of your life’s richest experiences

Day 2

9:00 AM Session 5: The 5 Second Rule with Mel Robbins

Transform your life, work, and confidence with everyday courage

10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Session 6: Q&As with Mel & Brian

Get your questions answered up close and personal with Mel & Brian

12:00 PM Synergy Group Lunch
2:00 PM Session 7: Creating Your Zihuatanejo with Brian Buffini

Develop your dream scenario for your business and life

3:30 PM Free Time
6:00 PM Celebration Reception

Day 3

9:00 AM Session 8: The Little Things with Andy Andrews

Find out why you should really sweat the small stuff

10:30 AM Break
11:00 AM Session 9: Q&As with Andy & Brian

Get your question answered up close and personal with Andy and Brian

12:00 PM Synergy Group Lunch
2:00 PM Session 10: Brian Unplugged with Brian Buffini

In this one-on-one coaching session with Brian, you’ll focus on your Peak Experience break throughs and prepare for the biggest obstacles you face as you leave the event

4:30 PM End of Event (approximate)

Event Details

The Peak Experience Venue

May 8-10, 2019 or May 15-17, 2019

Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

2100 Costa Del Mar Road
Carlsbad, CA 92009

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Brian Buffini

Brian Buffini was born and raised in Dublin, Ireland, and immigrated to San Diego in 1986 where he became the classic American rags to riches story.

After becoming one of the nation's top Realtors®, he founded Buffini & Company™—an organization dedicated to sharing his powerful lead-generation systems with others.

Based in Carlsbad, California, Buffini & Company has trained over 3 million business professionals in 37 countries and currently coaches and trains more than 25,000 business people across North America.

Today, Brian travels the world sharing a message of encouragement about how to "live the good life." His wit, wisdom and motivational style make him a dynamic speaker, adept at helping people tap into their full potential and achieve their dreams. In 2017, he became a New York Times, Amazon and Wall Street Journal best-seller with his latest book, "The Emigrant Edge".

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Joe Niego

Chicago native with blue-collar roots, Joe Niego was a star college basketball player and second draft choice of the NBA's Houston Rockets. At the end of his playing career, he put the same drive into real estate and excelled as a top producer.

In 1992, he met Brian and the two quickly became good friends. Together, they developed systems to proactively generate referred business. In 1994, he started Niego Real Estate, which has captured 26% market share of the community it serves. Using these referral methods, he's sold over 2,500 homes and been identified by many experts as the best listing agent in America.

With his in-the-trenches real estate experience, Joe now travels across North America sharing proven business-building systems and helping real estate professionals earn over eight times the national average income.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Kevin Buffini

For nearly two decades, Kevin Buffini has dedicated himself to Buffini & Company's proprietary communication tool, the Heritage Profile™. This powerful tool helps people understand their own natural gifts and abilities, while mastering their unique communication styles. Along the way he has gained a unique insight into an industry he has worked in for many years.

As Brian Buffini's buyer's agent, Kevin utilized the working by referral systems Brian had implemented in his business. Later, when he joined the Buffini & Company™ team, his first-hand knowledge of the challenges faced by sales professionals was invaluable in developing and further honing the Heritage Profile tool.

Today, he trains, consults and lectures about profiling and is considered the world's foremost authority on Heritage Profiling.

Connect: Facebook | Twitter

Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins is a serial entrepreneur, bestselling author, internationally recognized social media influencer, and one of the most sought-after motivational speakers in the world.

Her digital platform inspires more than 20 million people a month with transformative videos, articles, positive psychology research, and inspiring content. Mel's latest book, The 5 Second Rule, is a fixture on Amazon's "Top Ten Most Read List" and one of the most successful audio books ever published. Her TEDx talk about change has more than ten million views.

Mel's media company, The Confidence Project, Inc. produces personal development programming and online courses for her global student body and corporate partners. On stage, Mel is a riveting, fun, and unforgettable speaker, who shares with audiences a wide range of science-backed strategies for life-changing impact. Mel has spoken to executives at some of the world's leading brands, including Microsoft, JP Morgan Chase, Optum, Cisco, and AT&T. She is also an award-winning opinion columnist and legal analyst for CNN, a Dr. Oz Healthline Expert, and a Contributing Editor for SUCCESS Magazine.

A graduate of Dartmouth College and Boston College Law School, Mel is married, mother of three and lives in the Boston area, but remains a Midwesterner at heart.

Connect: Website | Facebook | Twitter

Andy Andrews

Andy Andrews, author of the New York Time's best-seller The Traveler's Gift, The Noticer and others, has impacted millions with his creative writing and speaking. The Traveler's Gift has been translated into 20 languages, featured as ABC's Good Morning America's book of the month and sold millions of copies. An international sensation, Andy's challenging personal message contains truths for those in all walks of life.

Andy’s life was a typical American story until the age of 19. The loss of both parents—his mother to cancer and his father to an automobile accident—forever altered his path. Within a short span, he found himself homeless and without direction. The dramatic change in circumstances forced Andy to ask himself a simple question: "Is life just a lottery ticket or are there choices one can make to direct his future?" This very question fueled a search that led him to the local library.

After reading biographies of over two hundred great men and women, Andy was challenged to consider, “Were they simply born this way, or were there decisions made at critical junctures in their lives that led to success?” He resolved to determine the common denominators between each historical figure. The Seven Decisions were born, and the rest is history.

With the wit of an entertainer and the gravitas of a powerful communicator, Andy is unique in today's media driven world. He communicates to audiences from the heart.

Today, he lives in Orange Beach, Alabama with his wife Polly and their two sons.

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