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Membership Benefits Referral Maker PRO Referral Maker CRM
$149 USD per month$169 CAD per month
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$49 USD per month$49 CAD per month
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Business Analysis Tool
REALStrengths® Profile
$249 USD$295 CAD
$249 USD$295 CAD
Discounts on Training Programs
Weekly Podcast
Dedicated Success Consultant
Robust Library of Resources
Client Care Support
Marketing & Lead Generation
Referral Maker® CRM
Referral Maker® CRM | Team
$39 USD/month per seat$39 CAD/month per seat
$39 USD/month per seat$39 CAD/month per seat
Marketing Calendar and Monthly Kit
Monthly Mailings (Marketing Materials)
Marketing Emails (eReports)
Video Messaging (powered by BombBomb)
$29 USD per month$34 CAD per month
$29 USD per month$34 CAD per month
Personalized Marketing Mailers
$30 USD per month$35 CAD per month
Personalization & Client Direct Mailing
$129 USD per month$184 CAD per month
Digital Presentations and Reports
Events & Networking
Team Leader Conference Attend for $995 Attend for $1495
Buffini Referral Network
Buffini Groups & Community
Buffini & Company Master Class™ Attend for $99 Attend for $149

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The Buffini Referral Network

The Buffini Referral Network

Send and receive referrals to top-notch real estate agents who are also part of the Buffini & Company Community. Designed to help tap into the peer to peer pillar of your business, this powerful network generates hundreds of out of area referrals that gives you the opportunity to go from local agent to national agent! This benefit alone is worth the cost of Membership!
Group Member Community

Member Community

Become part of a vast community of like-minded professionals who share the same business philosophy of serving their clients at the highest level. Unlike any other group, our member community thrives by helping each other achieve more by constantly championing one another.
Buffini Groups

Synergize with other Buffini & Company Members in your local area at a monthly meeting. Get great ideas to implement into your business and support to make sure you get it done!*

* virtual groups available