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Referral Maker® CRM

The easy-to-use Real Estate CRM designed for Working by Referral.

Referral Maker CRM

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Watch videos with how-to instructions and activities you can implement in your business.

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Help Desk

Need assistance? Call or email our Referral Maker PRO Support Team as you need it.

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Professional Marketing Tools

Buffini & Company's Referral Maker® Marketing Kit

You'll receive our high-quality, professionally printed Marketing Kit each month. Your kit includes:

  • 100 printed marketing flyers
  • 50 note cards with envelopes
  • 100 "Oh, by the way®" stickers
  • Brian Buffini's monthly Conference Call CD
  • Biannual Buffini & Company Magazine
Brian Buffini's Referral Maker Marketing Kit

Marketing Flyers for Your Clients

Stay connected with your clients each month by sending these marketing pieces with information that's valuable to them. They'll appreciate the information and remember you when they need a real estate professional! View sample

Items of Value for Clients
Included in your monthly Marketing Kit & available online.

eReport Email

Follow up your monthly mailing with an email that complements the Item of Value you mailed to your clients. Another great way for your clients to remember you! View sample

eReport Email
Available online.

Rapid Response
Marketing Flyer

Quickly respond to new Internet leads by sending them an Item of Value email. View sample

Rapid Response Marketing Flyer
Available online.
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Live Events & Networking
Success Tour

Brian Buffini's Success Tour™

Bridging the gap between technology and relationships.

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Buffini & Company's GameChangers™

Get strategies & ideas to help you win the real estate game.

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Buffini Groups and Buffini Referral Network

Access Buffini Groups and the Buffini Referral Network

Synergize with your peers and share best practices. Send and receive referrals with other Members.

Additional Benefits

Monthly Training Webcasts
Download Brian Buffini's monthly training webcast for technical training on working by referral, as well as for content on personal growth and development.

Buffini & Company Magazine
This biannual publication includes how-tos, coaching tips and examples of strategies that work for others.

B.I.T. O'Brian Video Clips
Brian offers you an encouraging "Business Inspirational Tip" (B.I.T.) to motivate, focus and inspire you every week!

Members Lounge Access at Brian Buffini's Success Tour
You have exclusive access to a Members Only Lounge which will be available during each break on both days & features complimentary coffee, Wi-Fi, phone charging capabilities & more!

Optional Upgrades

Personalize your Marketing Flyers

Receive our high-quality, professionally-created Marketing Kit with PERSONALIZED Marketing Flyers each month. Personalization includes your name, picture, company logo, businesses you refer, featured properties, coupons, etc.

Let us take care of your mailing

Free yourself up to better serve your clients while we mail your personalized marketing flyers & cover letters direct to your relationships.

Personalize your Lead Generation Kit

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