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If you’re not getting the ROI you deserve on the time you are investing in your business, it’s time to get a coach! Ask any successful entrepreneur or business owner “how they do it,” and it's likely they will share that they work with a coach. In fact, in most elite levels in business and sports, it's not talent that sets the individual apart from the others; it's the coaching they receive that makes the difference.

One2One Coaching Members earn $310,000 a year. That’s 10X the national average*.

How It Works

What Does a Buffini & Company Certified Coach Do?
  • Draft a blueprint for your success

  • Help you to achieve at the highest level possible

  • Recognize your full potential and help you to leverage your talents and abilities

  • Help you to get organized and manage your time so you can live the life of your dreams

How Are Buffini & Company Coaches Different than Other Coaches?
  • Our coaches are full-time employees dedicated to your success

  • All coaches are certified through a vigorous initial training as well as ongoing weekly skill building sessions.

  • Our coaches are leaders who have collaboratively served with 1.7 million coaching calls and more than 1 million hours of coaching.

What’s Included

Bi-Monthly Private Coaching Sessions

During these calls, your coach will work with you to define and set your business, financial and personal goals; develop a business plan to help you generate a steady stream of referred leads; enhance your current relationships and hit your financial goals. Our coaches are experts in uncovering the roadblocks – real and perceived – that block your path to live the life of your dreams.

Heritage Profile (Personality Assessment Tool)

Our in-depth personality assessment tool identifies your core motivations to help you achieve at your highest level. This powerful communication tool is only available to One2One Coaching Members and captures your dominant gifts and abilities, so that you can use this information to run your business and improve your relationships.

Referral Maker® CRM

This easy-to-use technology platform makes it simple to run your business. Set your financial goals, add your database, rank your relationships and receive a customized daily action plan that is created just for you! Follow the daily action steps created by Referral Maker CRM so that you earn more money.

Monthly Marketing Kit

Let us be your marketing agency! Each month you will receive a printed Marketing Kit delivered to your door that includes marketing mailers, notecards, stickers and more along with a digital Marketing Kit with eReports and a schedule that tells you when to send each piece. Not only will this show your character and competency to your leads and customers, it will keep you top of mind with them all year long.


Buffini & Company real estate training programs maximize agent production and profitability for all skill levels. One2One Coaching Members get discounts on each course and now get complimentary digital access to The Pathway to Mastery®—Essentials! This 8-module course is a deep dive into lead generation, working with buyers and sellers, the seven essentials of negotiation and building a world-class business plan.

Digital Pathway to Mastery - Essentials

Events and Networking

Attend Buffini & Company Master Class™ for free! This event is designed to help real estate professionals become better business owners. Sessions immerse you in next-level business strategies and personal growth content delivered by seasoned experts within their fields. The event kicks-off with a Community Mixer where you can connect with the best, exchange ideas and as a result—grow your business.

The Buffini Referral™ Network

Send and receive referrals to top-notch real estate agents who are also part of the Buffini & Company Referral Network. Designed to help tap into the peer to peer pillar of your business, this powerful network generates hundreds of out of area referrals that gives you the opportunity to go from local agent to national agent!

Buffini Groups and Community

Join a vast community of like-minded professionals when you meet in-person or virtually online in your Buffini Group. Each month has a new focus grounded in the shared business philosophy of serving clients at the highest level and members support each other in between sessions developing life-long relationships.

“It’s natural to become distracted, a coach allows me to dig deeper and sharpen my focus to achieve my goals.”

— Brad Noll (Fort Wayne, IN)

“It’s human nature to procrastinate. Without a coach, you’re lucky if you accomplish a fraction of what you would with a coach."

— Adam Coe (Chandler, AZ)

"Quitting Coaching for my business would be like saying, ‘Well, I got into shape and now my body doesn’t need exercise anymore."

— Heather Roda (Paso Robles, CA)

"My Coach holds me accountable to the tasks that make my business flourish, while also giving me creative and constructive ideas to continue to be successful."

— Kelly Armstrong (Billings, MT)

"Coaching has brought me a community of peers and dear friends who have shared generously, inspired constantly and supported fiercely throughout the years."

— Heidi Hurst (Tacoma, WA)

Add-on: Video Messaging

Record. Send. Connect.

Make your emails pop! This simple tool makes it easy to record video messages directly from your computer or smartphone and send to an individual, group or your entire database, with all activities tracked in Referral Maker CRM. Deepen your relationships with this personal touch and watch your business grow.

USD $29*

per month

CAD $34*

per month


FACT: Video emails get 81% more leads vs. traditional email.**

*Video Messaging is available to all levels of Membership. Personalization and Client Direct are available to Referral Maker® PRO, Group Coaching and One2One Coaching™ Members only. Price is in addition to the monthly Membership fee. Not a Member? Live Chat or call us direct at 1-800-945-3485 x1
**Source: The Marketer’s Toolbox  |  ***Source: Buffini & Company Member Survey

Add-On: Personalization

Put a Face to Your Brand

Be recognized as the expert and trusted professional that your clients need. Personalize your marketing mailers with custom branding and increase the impact these items have on your relationships.

USD $30*

per month

CAD $35*

per month


FACT: Members with Personalization earn on average $46,557 more each year than Members who don't.***

Personalized IOV

Add-On: Client Direct

Let Us Take Care of Your Mailing

Have more time to better serve your clients when you outsource your mailing to us! Let us personalize your Items of Value, cover letters and send them directly to your relationships.

USD $129*

per month

CAD $184*

per month


FACT: Save 5 to 10 hours a month when we print, package and deliver your marketing materials for you.***


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