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Your opportunity to meet the needs of today’s brokers & agents

Serving a real estate agent or company in today’s world has changed. In the past, a broker, manager or company representative trained agents to increase their productivity and profitability. Now, real estate companies are running leaner and many brokers are back to personally producing, leaving them short on time and resources for this important task.

By becoming a Certified Local Facilitator, you have the opportunity to fill this need and build profitable relationships with agents and brokerages.

What is a Certified Local Facilitator?

Certified Local Facilitator for Real Estate

A Certified Local Facilitator (CLF) is a designation assigned to companies or associations from the mortgage, title and warranty industries.

As a CLF, you’re certified to facilitate the Peak Producers training program at your office location to real estate agents in your area. You'll provide value to them, help them build a profitable business and become a trusted resource for these agents.

Provide value to agents by facilitating Peak Producers training

The Peak Producers training program gets solid results for students who participate—they generate more leads, close more transactions and run a more consistent business.

Real Estate Professionals

As a Certified Local Facilitator, you’ll:

  • Build relationships by providing real estate professionals with the best training available in the industry
  • Provide value to, and become a trusted resource for, the agents you train
  • Generate additional business from these agents
  • Receive more high-quality referrals from top producers

What's required of you as a CLF?

  • Train agents at
    your authorized

  • You provide a
    conference room
    & act as facilitator

  • Buffini & Company
    provides all training
    & materials

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Learn about Peak Producers

About the Peak Producers program

Developed by industry expert Brian Buffini & top producer Joe Niego, Peak Producers is a comprehensive, 12-week program that teaches agents how to build rock-solid businesses. Students learn to create productive daily habits, maintain a positive attitude and sharpen their skills so they can close more sales, serve clients at a deeper level and consistently operate their business at a peak state. The content in this program is relevant to today's market and caters to agents at any level of experience.

The Path to Peak Production

  • CEO

    Sales & Marketing

    The CEO or "Rainmaker" generates leads every day and makes sure sales and marketing is a priority so the lead pipeline stays full.

  • COO

    Customer Service

    The COO or "Dealmaker" professionally serves every client to a deep level so that they become an advocate for the agent’s business.

  • CFO

    Financial Management

    The CFO or "Moneymaker" successfully handles the finances and makes sure their business is streamlined and profitable.

Students receive tremendous value

Along with comprehensive content, students receive all the training and marketing materials they need:

Marketing Materials:

  • 3 months of mail outs
  • Note cards
  • Oh, by the way® stickers

Training materials:

  • Workbook
  • CD Resource Library
  • Tracking Journal
  • Power Hour Sign

Plus, access to the Peak Producers Online Resource Center with additional training modules

Facilitating Peak Producers is easy & turnkey

Each week, you’ll spend about 2 hours with your students.

  • Buffini & Company gives you a Facilitator Kit with step-by-step instructions and dialogues for facilitating a successful class
  • The training content is provided on DVDs featuring Brian Buffini & top producer Joe Niego—you just press play!
  • You keep the class on track, facilitate small group discussions and synergy and provide encouragement to help your students complete their assigned action steps
  • Plus, you’ll be supported by Buffini & Company all the way through! We provide you with dedicated support staff, pre-made promotional materials and promote on your behalf.

How to become a Certified Local Facilitator

  1. Fill out an application form
  2. We’ll contact you after reviewing your application
  3. Attend a Certification Course
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Success Stories

Jackie Johnston, TX | Class Results: 4.6 transactions per agent | CLF Results: 39 Title Orders Wendy Lavoncher Cook, TX | Class Results: 7 Transactions per agent | CLF Results: 4 New Loyal Clients