Build a thriving business

Your clients want a professional they can trust and you need to generate leads. The Buffini and Company 100 Days to Greatness program helps you achieve both. You'll get a powerful system to build & nurture long-term relationships with clients who will promote your business and bring you qualified leads.

Build a thriving business

Developed by Brian Buffini and endorsed by industry leaders worldwide, 100 Days to Greatness provides you with a proven lead generation system—a step-by-step approach for building a thriving real estate business.

Great for new & experienced agents!

Great for new & experienced agents!

No matter where you are on your career path, the 100 Days to Greatness program will show you how to provide & systematize excellent customer service, strengthen client relationships and earn referred business.

100 Days to Greatness is your action plan for generating high quality leads!

90% of consumers worldwide are most likely to trust the recommendations of the people they know.
  • Learn to work by referral & generate leads consistently
    • Working by referral means building relationships with customers based on trust
    • You'll provide exceptional service to your clients and exceed their expectations
    • You'll stay in consistent contact with your database and give value outside the real estate transaction
    • You'll earn qualified leads from your clients as a result
  • Utilize your time and energy each day for maximum impact and results
  • Get practical selling skills and how-to's for growing your business
  • Build a vibrant client database
  • Receive relevant dialogues to build relationships, generate referrals & close more sales
  • Turn traditional real estate lead-generation activities like floor time and open houses into effective tools for building your business

Receive expert training...

Take the course in your office

100 Days to Greatness is conveniently delivered to you in your office and is facilitated by a Buffini & Company Certified Mentor — your Broker, Owner or Manager.

Each week of this 100-day course you'll:

  • Complete your lead generation activities
  • Watch video training from industry expert Brian Buffini
  • Meet with your Mentor & fellow 100 Days to Greatness students to share great ideas & receive accountability & motivation
  • Practice crucial sales skills

...and your 100 Days to Greatness Kit!

Get professional marketing materials & all the resources you'll need to succeed
100 Days to Greatness Kit Click to learn more
Items of Value:
  • Send these world-class marketing pieces to your client database to stay in consistent contact and provide value
  • Include a customizable cover letter (available for download online)

Note Cards:
Note Cards
  • Make a lasting impression and show your appreciation for your clients by sending a hand-written, personal note after a phone call or meeting
  • Enclose your business card and an “Oh, by the way sticker” in this marketing piece
10 Deadly Mistakes Brochures:
  • Give this brochure to interested buyer leads to share tips on the home buying process
Dynamic Workbook:
100 Days to Greatness Workbook & Audio CDs
  • This 180 page resource contains your action plan — the daily activities that will get you results
Audio CDs:
  • Learn & practice important sales dialogues
  • Find out how to best handle challenging client situations
Success Tracker & web-based tools:
  • Monitor your progress and success in this program
Deanna Beatty

"This program had an incredible effect on me as a business owner. The scripts are very effective. The structure of the program is perfect for getting business on track and creating a framework for success going forward. I'm very grateful for the opportunity to participate and would endorse 100 Days to Greatness 100%!"

—Deanna Beatty, CBS Home Real Estate
Omaha, NE
Kevin Henry

"I had a great deal of success as a direct result of the 100 Days to Greatness course. My investment was US $395 and the return on these deals is around $15,000 gross!"

—Kevin Henry, Royal LePage
Westbank, BC
Denise Maggitti Collins

"I’m in week 3 of 100 Days to Greatness and the referrals are coming in already!!!! Thank YOU!"

—Denise Maggitti Collins, RE/MAX Town & Country
Glen Mills, PA
Shaun Farrell

"Before 100 Days to Greatness, I didn't think I was going to make it. I had been a REALTOR® for 5 months and had 0 closes. Today is our final class, and I have now closed 2 deals, have a buyer under contract and several warm leads for listings."

—Shaun Farrell, Lyon Real Estate
Lincoln, CA
Shana Jaszkowiak Rania

"I completed 100 Days to Greatness and closed my first transaction on day 102, my second three weeks later and the third four weeks after that. I would have to say - "It works!" Whenever I feel a bit unproductive, I pull out a day from 100 Days to Greatness and do it again. It's all about the fundamentals of lead generation!"

—Shana Jaszkowiak Rania, RE/MAX
Boise, ID
Michael Gray

"The 100 Days to Greatness program is an excellent tool for people new to the business, especially those with no prior sales experience. The program taught me how to work in situations where I would have previously been out of my comfort zone. I have closed business as a direct result of my participation in this training program."

—Michael Gray, Royal LePage
Mississauga, ON
Pamela Hemus

"My experience with Buffini and Company has been incredible. Not only am I more organized, working smarter not harder, and keeping the leads I receive, I am also getting terrific response from everyone I come in contact with! It is a simple system that makes complete sense."

—Pamela Hemus, Prudential Patt White
Bangor, PA

"100 Days to Greatness is one of the most valuable programs I have ever taken part in. The innovative ideas, dialogs, plan for complete consistency and, most important, accountability have saved me from not using the goldmine that is my database to its fullest potential. Through 100 Days to Greatness I have learned that if I take care of my clients, they will take care of me."

—Kellie Curran, Brush Real Estate
Escondido, CA
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Mary Ann Wallace

"I must say that I thoroughly enjoyed 100 Days to Greatness. Throughout the 100 days I have closed 12 transactions, got 6 new listings and I am working with 5 buyers. My business has blossomed and I am back on track!"

— Mary Ann Wallace, San Jose, CA