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What is a Pop-By?

Pop ∙ By


  1. A thoughtful and useful
    gift for a client.
  2. A token of appreciation
  3. The quickest way to
    generate fresh referrals


1990-ish < American < Irish

How to do a Pop-By:

Make a list of your favorite clients and stop by with a small gift and creative tag (download tag above) to show how much you appreciate their business and referrals.
Prior to visiting, call and let them know you’ll be stopping by for 10-15 minutes to say hello and drop off a little surprise (no, it’s not embarrassing and they won’t think it’s strange to hear from their REALTOR®).
When you visit be sure to let them know you are never too busy to help their referrals!

Hot Tip

Stop by your client’s workplace to reach more people and create a buzz about your business.

Still not convinced? Here are some rave reviews from other pros…

I delivered 23 Pop-Bys this week and have 3 referrals. $1.89 per bottle of wiper fluid was $44 and potential commissions of $27k. I've restocked my trunk for the weekend to keep momentum going… Great way to kick off 2014!!

Carol McDonald Macri  |  Burlington, MA

I did a Pop-By on an expired prospect. In 1 week he called me in to list his home and now it’s under contract!

Marlene Rogers  |  Baltimore, MD

I have generated 4 transactions in 4 weeks. I am a walking testimonial to power of NOTES, CALLS and POP-BYS!

Andrew Swersky  |  Alexandria, VA

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