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I know many of you are doing well in this new era of real estate. You’re diligently working the referral systems and building up a nice business for yourself. But for any of you who are struggling, I have a word of encouragement. Sure, the market has changed and we all took a hit in recent years. But it’s time to hit the reset button.

What does that mean?

Maybe you lost some of your net worth? Then it’s time to hit the reset button and get to work on building it back up. You’ve lost market share? Time to hit the reset button. Stress has taken a toll and it's hard to get back on the health plan? Don’t look back, just hit reset and get to work.

One of the surest ways to help you do this is to embrace the concept of ‘bounce’. It’s very simple, just like it sounds, you take the hit, but you bounce back. You keep coming back. And the bigger the hit, the bigger the bounce. Don’t just say, "Okay, I got hit big… now I’m going to have a little bounce back." If you take a big hit then it’s time for a big bounce. You lost a lot of net worth? Then it’s time to regain, rebuild and put it in a place where you’ll never lose it again!

“It’s not how hard you fall – it’s how high you bounce.”

Remember, just like a tennis ball hitting a racket, the energy for the bounce back comes from the fall. We all face challenges. But I just want to encourage you… YOU CAN BOUNCE! The market’s good. The market’s solid for real estate. So let’s get after it together!

It’s a good life!


The things that get me up in the morning...

If you've ever been to one of our events, or joined us on a webcast, you've probably heard me say it before...but I do my very best to avoid the news channels. I can't speak for anyone else, but for me, that's a very good thing. Make no mistake, I stay informed thorugh other mediums, but I don't give my time over to the channels that are vying for eyeballs to justify the advertising dollars. It's in their interest to keep your attention, and they're very good at it. So suddenly a morning drifts by. Or an evening. Thing is, I've got busy days to fill - and the things that get me up in the morning should always be more than enough. My bride, Beverly, and our six great kids. A business I love, employees I'm lucky to have, and clients I love working with. Things are good. And I'm thankful.

What gets you up in the morning? What are you thankful for? Have you taken inventory recently? It's one of the greatest things you can do to take stock, prioritize and re-focus your time and energy. So take a time out today. Write out a few things you're thankful for. Then write a few more. Stick it up somewhere you'll see it for the next few days. Let's kickstart the habit of focusing on those positive things that get us out of bed in the morning.

It's a good life!


Succeeding in the New Era of Real Estate

Everyone working in this business faces the same question every day; "Where is my next lead coming from?". It’s a question that business owners and entrepreneurs the world over face, but what sets those who succeed apart is the ability to answer the question. Rather than get seduced by some quick-fix answer or a get-rich scheme that seems to hold all the answers, those who succeed typically follow a clearly laid out path that yield results. It’s the same in sports, indeed, it’s the same in any endeavor.

At our new Success Tour, we teach a three pronged marketing approach to not just get the word out about your business, but to help you meet the needs of your clients:

  • Relational marketing is where 70% of your focus should be and where the majority of your results will come from. This is about promoting and marketing your services - first and foremost - with your sphere of influence of past clients and current clients.

  • Conventional marketing should get 20% of your efforts – promoting in your community, using signs and advertising.

  • Lastly, approximately 10% of your budget should go to building a digital presence. It's important to stay connected to technology, but it should not take up too much of your valuable time.

As you can see, it’s important to note which holds the greatest weight. This business will always be about relationships...and so should your lead-generation activities. If you want to succeed in this new era, build upon the relationships you already have and get ready for a bumper year in your business. 

It's a good life!


The Success Tour - are you in?

By now many of you have heard of our brand new event – the Success Tour. We’re taking it across North America to five cities – and the first one is just around the corner on February 4th and 5th at McCaw Hall in Seattle. Joe Niego and myself - along with our special guest speaker, Brian Tracy – will be sharing content to help you move to the next level in your business, no matter what level you’re at right now. We’ll cover topics like:

  • Succeeding in the New Era in Real Estate
  • Creating a Customized Success Plan
  • The 7 Skills of a Great Buyer’s Agent
  • Getting Your Financial House in Order
  • The Professional’s Edge

We’ve been working hard to bring a new experience to the industry - and this event will be a great opportunity for you to step away from your business to work on your business. So many of you have weathered the storm of the recession by making sure you had the fundamentals in place to keep your business going. And now is the time to take action. I can’t tell you how excited I am for this new day at Buffini & Company. You’ll get strategies, tips and how–tos you can implement right away in your business. All for just 95 bucks! You know I always strive to bring you the goods – and you won’t be disappointed with this new event.

If you can’t make it to Seattle, you can always utilize our Office Pay-Per-View option where you can enjoy the first two sessions – piped right into your broker’s office. We’re excited about this new technology and looking forward to connecting with you guys in the coming months. Check out the link to learn more – www.brianbuffini.com – and we’ll see you at a Success Tour soon.

It’s a good life!

Weather keeping you in?

It's unseasonably warm here in San Diego and we're very aware how lucky we are right now - so there's no excuse for us not to be out doing our lead-generation activities.

What about you guys across the colder states - how have you been dealing with the colder weather and staying connected to your clients?

It's a good life!

Brian Buffini

Creating Instant Inventory

My close friend and colleague, Joe Niego is, in my opinion, America's best listing agent. In my own career, I would shadow Joe to see how he created listings. Well we’ve been the best of friends ever since those early days and collaborated on many projects. And Joe’s latest product is “Instant Inventory” – a brand new program to address real estate's biggest problem – shortage of inventory.

Joe has built this program using plenty of personal experience. He has sold over 2000 homes on the south side of Chicago. At the peak of his career, he averaged over 40 CMA calls a month. These were not new, commercial clients or investors; they were folks looking for the opportunity to move. And it all happened as a result of a well thought-through strategy.

So here we are today in a new era of real estate. Values came down 35%, there was a 3m shortfall in homes, short sales and foreclosures were everywhere. And today things are very different. As many of you know, there’s an inventory shortage across the nation - and one beginning to rear its head in Canada.

Many of you have weathered the recession, fought to keep your home, dipped into their savings and persevered. Now that you’re working with a handful of buyers – it’s no time to get beat out by investors. Reality is, there's nothing greater than that feeling of working with an excited and loyal buyer. But there’s nothing worse than having no homes for them to buy.  We want to shift the paradigm from waiting for sales to happen to getting out there and finding them. The principle is to create your own inventory. And Joe Niego is going to show you how. Check out www.joeniego.com for more details.

It's a good life!

The government shutdown doesn't mean you get to…

No matter what side of the political divide you are on, there's one thing we can all agree on; politicians may have brought the government to a standstill, but it's business as usual with the demands of our businesses and careers! As independent contractors and business owners, your responsibility is to your customers and those who rely on you.

So a shut down for you is out of the question.

In fact, at a time when others might be waiting for someone to blame, now is the time for you to be out finding clients to serve. Don't let the political wrangling impact your day. Go do your work...and stay focused on what you can change; the health of your business. While there's little you can do to impact decisions being made this second in Washington D.C., there's something you can absolutely do right now for your business: two hours of lead-generation activities. Get out there and Pop-By your favorite clients. Go see the people who love to see you coming; your database of referred clients. And do me a small favor; turn down the news radio while you're in your car!

It's a good life!


Turning Point in Denver

Today I'm in Denver for our 1-Day Turning Point event where Joe Niego and I lay out the marketing strategies that agents earning over $150,000 a year are using. Never too late to join us...there might be a couple of seats left! Be sure to check out website for the next time we'll be in your city.

It's a good life!


Two hours a day to transform your business

When I first got into the real estate business and began to work by referral, the processes I developed were time consuming. I didn’t have a “Buffini & Company” to send me a box of professionally designed and produced marketing materials every month. I didn’t have a Coach to lean on for systems, accountability and support. So you can imagine that today Buffini & Company makes it our business to ensure you don’t have to do all the stuff I did. 

We’ve got a world-class marketing team dedicated to building Items of Value, notes, and eReports for you. We can’t pick up the phone for you to make the calls, but we do know that if you dedicate just 2 hours a day to these lead-generation activities you’ll win the day. Win just four days; you’ve won the week. Win three weeks like that, and you’ve won the month. Now…with just eight winning months you’ve won the year.

For you members, we've laid out the daily, weekly, monthly and yearly activities in the Winning Formula. Make the choice to stick to the disciplines daily. Devote two hours to the fundamentals of the referral systems and stay focused on the activities. To gain clarity through a prioritized list of what you need to be working on, use the following steps: 

  • ABC your goals

  • Break them down a series of smaller goals with realistic timeframes

  • Start with the end in mind

  • Break them down into a calendar

If you spend just two hours a day on the lead-generation activities we’ve laid out in the Winning Formula, you’ll be on your way to your best year ever!

It's a good life!


MasterMind afterglow

At this year's MasterMind, speakers Shawn Achor, Dan Buettner, Harvey Mackay, Joe Niego and the first lady of Buffini & Company, Beverly Buffini, joined me for 3 days of high-level content designed to get us on the road to being healthy, wealthy and wise! So what did you enjoy most about the event? Was there a section in particular that resonated with you? How about Goal-Getting - the new section Joe shared with us? Have you been working on the one elusive goal?

As I begin to build out the event with the team each year, our filter is always you guys and how you'll experience MasterMind. It's why I'm so excited so many of you will be joining us for next year's event - Living an Inspired Life. We have some incredible presenters joining us to explore how to truly build the life we want. I know you're going to be filled up and inspired to achieve everything you put your mind to in 2014. Although this event is just past, the countdown to next year has already begun. Remember...even if you didn't book your seat before it sold out, give us a call and get your name onto the waiting list.

It's a good life!