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Time to air out your dirty laundry!

With two adults and six active kids, you can imagine how much laundry there is to wash at our house. Sometimes we miss a couple of days, the baskets in the kids’ rooms overflow and when all piled together, the mountain of clothes looks like an overwhelming task with no end in sight. We have a choice at that time; clean clothes or go shopping for more.


As grown adults when we get behind on our lead-generation activities such as writing personal notes, making calls or doing Pop-Bys to our favorite clients, it’s just like a pile of dirty laundry. The thought of catching up seems overwhelming, the notes begin to pile up, and rather than sitting down and dutifully going through these one at time we let our minds drift: “Let’s run out to the Realtor® store and buy a talking house sign”, “Let’s go buy some internet leads”, “Let me do anything other than chip away at that big pile of unfinished tasks which will ultimately allow me to get my financial house in order.”


Very few people allow their dirty clothes to pile up for weeks on end, but in my experience, many small business owners will allow their lead-generation activities to pile up. Allowing your laundry to pile up is not the most hygienic thing to do… and if you put it off long enough, you’ll have nothing to wear. Putting off lead-generation activities isn’t too healthy for your business either and eventually will leave your financial cupboard bare!


It ain’t sexy but it’s simple enough: take care of your business before your financial challenges become your personal dirty laundry.


It’s a good life!